The Diet Solution Program Review

The author of this program, Isabel De Los Rios is an expert nutritionist, an exercise and lifestyle coach from New Jersey. The books overall goal is to get You to completely change your diet from bad to good. She stretches the importance of eating good and healthy food that is not too tough on your wallet, because lets face it, eating healthy and delicious food should not cost too much money. That’s just the way it is, she stretches this issue just because it is so important to, whenever you’re hungry, not just throw together some unhealthy processed meal or go to McDonalds, which is one of the most important resturants to avoid like the plague. Isabele De Los Rios wants you to instead open your fridge & pick out healthy foods that you havent paid a fortune for which you will ENJOY Eating.

Here is a video which explains the methods of this program in detail

The Diet Solution Program introduces you to the most important parts of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, putting aside those facts you wont ever need, unless you want a job as a nutritionist. Thats one good thing about this program, it tells you Exactly what to do in an easily understandable way. The author, Isabel De Los Rios wants you to maintain a success mindset, in other words, she wants you to Know that you Can do this, and that you Will do this.

This program also introduces you to a personal calorie customization method, what this means is that you’ll learn how much You should eat depending on your size, length and some other factors. It also stretches the importance of eating Good food, putting aside the bad stuff which isnt really supposed to be eaten by humans, or any other species for that matter. I’m talking, ofcourse, about things like Chips, Candy, McDonalds and foods of that kind.

During the process of this program you will be granted one glass of alcohol per week, that is, unless you wish to go 100% healthy. Though you might be a person who likes treating yourself, and working hard towards the very day you can enjoy your glass of red whine or whatever you choose.

The Diet Solution Program also brings up things like keeping a food journal so that you can later on decide what types of healthy foods you Like eating and start eating that on a regular basis, this is so that you dont have to feel like you’re punishing yourself. Not all enjoyable food is unhealthy, but I’m sure you already know this. You can eat so much Good food and it doesnt even have to be unhealthy!

Here is a sample plan of the recommended diet:
2 poached eggs
1 cup sautéed spinach
1 pear
Morning Snack
2 Tablespoons almond butter
1 green apple
Celery sticks
4 ounces grilled chicken
Salad with romaine, tomato, cucumber
1 cup asparagus
2 teaspoons olive oil
Apple cider vinegar
Afternoon Snack
1 ounce raw walnuts
6 baby carrots
½ cup blueberries
4 oz salmon
1 cup steamed broccoli
Green salad

You can customize this diet to your liking, ofcourse. The program brings up what you can and cannot eat in order to get that body you’ve always wanted.

With the order a exercise program is included, it includes a variety of cardio workouts, strength lifting and interval training. It’s not something that you have to follow so strictly, which is why I so much love this program. If you only do the dieting part that is included in the program right, then you will see fast results. The workout routine is a matter of choice, say, if you want to lose weight Even Faster! The routine is designed to work well with the dieting part of this program, which you’ll perfect to your needs and size.

All the exercises included in The Diet Solution Program come with pictures and clear instructions on how to perform them.
Summary: I really do recommend this program. It works, it has the latest scientific weight loss methods and a diet you can perfect to your needs and goal weight.

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